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sometimes i really want to explore abandoned places but then i remember that i sprint out of rooms after i turn the lights off

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Trust me love, I know how to woo a lady.

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we understand each other

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Troians only weakness [X]

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Put 2 celebrities in my ask,

based only on physical appearance, I’ll tell you who I prefer.

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Anonymous asked: do you think we'll find out the meaning behind emma's tattoo this season? i have a headcanon that the thing in her past that's holding her back may be linked to the tattoo, thoughts?



Oooohhh thanks for reminding me of that! Reminder, on the tattoo:

it’s definitely a youthful decision on her part but ends up being meaningful in the long run.


Eddy Kitsis: It’s the same flower that’s on her father’s crest, but how she got it and why she chose it is probably not something we’ll get to this year*.

*note: this was an interview about season 2




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OUAT characters + abandonment

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Once Upon a Time Appreciation Week

day 5: favorite episode » 3x21 ‘Snow Drifts’

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[gifs of Killi’s glorious face/4]

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Irish heartthrob Colin O’Donoghue had all the attention of many female fans at the San Diego Comic-Con when he answered a question of what advice would he provide his character, ‘Hook’ to keep Emma Swan. When he answered that he would advise his character to “treat her well, buy her flowers, clean the dishes and give her lots of little hugs” it is very likely that his favourite status with his female fans likely became even more secure and enhanced with this answer.

The actor was one of the more popular men at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con convention and this is no surprise considering his smouldering good looks and the different dimensions that he finds within his character and conveys to the viewers.

During an interview at the convention he revealed that the relationship between his character and Emma, played by Jennifer Morrison is complicated and this will be seen as the two of them try to determine what they are feeling for one another.

On the show his character has made some very difficult decisions for ‘love’ and fans will find out in season 4 how that works out for ‘Hook’. As an actor, his performance has some fans and entertainment observers anticipating that soon he might be casting his glance toward movies.

His presence on “Once Upon a Time” has made it one of the more popular shows on television as filmmakers have noticed how popular he is with female viewers and his ability to identify aspects of his character that connect with fans.

He is already a star because of his acting talent and gorgeous looks but don’t be surprised if the season 4 performances of Colin O’Donoghue on “Once Upon a Time” leads to his name being mentioned in consideration for feature roles in some big budget films in 2014 and onward.

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Men like his character and him as well.

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